Mohammed v. Dyck

Ms. Mohammed was involved in two motor vehicle collisions. She had offered to formally settle her case for $40,000.00 prior to Trial. ICBC refused this offer. Jiwa Law Corporation represented Ms. Mohammed at Trial. Madam Justice Loo awarded her just over $42,000 in damages. Can you say I told you so? Not only did she get more than she offered but ICBC was forced to pay double legal costs because Ms. Mohammed beat her formal offer.

ICBC had argued that Ms. Mohammed should not be believed because she gave inconsistent answers between what she told her family doctor and what she had testified to at Trial. Madam Justice Loo viewed the inconsistencies as minor and said that Ms. Mohammed, for whom english was a second language, had difficulty expressing herself and often gave a “no” answer to a question where the obvious answer was “yes” and vice versa. Despite this, Madam Justice Loo found her to be a credible witness.

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