Lumley v. Balilo

When Theresa Lumley was involved in an accident on July 10, 2009 and suffered injuries she had no idea that ICBC would deny her claim alleging that the force of impact was insufficient to have caused her injury.  ICBC would not make Ms. Lumley an offer citing their Low Velocity Impact Policy and instead forced her to Trial.

Supreme Court of British Columbia

Jiwa Law Corporation represented Ms. Lumley in a three day trial that started on July 3, 2012 in front of Madam Justice Baker at the Supreme Court of British Columbia.  Prior to trial, Ms. Lumley had offered to formally resolve her claim for $26,000.00.  On June 14, 2013, Madam Justice Baker released reasons for judgment awarding Ms. Lumley $26,022.00 plus her legal costs and expenses.  Ms. Lumley beat her pre-trial offer by $22! Just goes to show you that we are reasonable with ICBC and if we don’t get what is fair, we are willing to fight ICBC in Court to get it, no matter how small or big the case.

Read the full decision in Lumley v. Balilo.

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