Connolly v. Cowie

Jiwa Law Corporation represented Mrs. Connolly for injuries she suffered in a motor vehicle collision on January 19, 2009. Mrs. Connolly was extremely active prior to the collision. After the collision she had trouble keeping as active as she was before the collision and also had difficulty in her chosen profession as a personal trainer.

ICBC Refused the Offer

Mrs. Connolly had formally offered to settle her case prior to Trial at $60,000 plus legal fees and expenses but ICBC refused the offer saying instead that the maximum they could pay was $40,000.00 plus court costs and expenses. Mr. Justice Butler awarded Mrs. Connolly approximately $72,000 and in light of the pre-trial offer made to ICBC was also awarded double her legal fee entitlement.

Read Connolly v. Cowie.

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